MDOW is a privately held Company, wholly owned by Columbia Lloyds Insurance Company. MDOW writes residential property insurance exclusively in various states across the United States of America.

The Company markets its products through Independent Agents. We write homeowners and residential property insurance for the underserved market.

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The MDOW Way

– We believe that things are possible, that where there is a will there is a way. We share both will-power and way-power with others.

Affordability – To help as many people as possible, our products and services must offer excellent value at the most affordable price possible. Thus, we constantly seek to find and lower key cost drivers.

Dependability – We do what we commit to do. We will be there when others need to lean on us.

Innovation – We believe in the power of innovation and constantly seek new ways to deliver greater value or lower costs.

Respect – We believe in the fundamental value of all people. Thus, we treat all people with respect.